Defending the Doctrine

Answers to a Jehovah Witness

First and foremost

False prophets (Who is Charles Taze Russell according to biblical definition?)

Are we missing something?

In September 10, 1910, the Watchtower printed an article on (p. 298) that stated without the Watchtower hierarchy, the slaves would pass into oblivion as sheep without a shepherd. In other words, if a man lays Russell's books down and reads the Bible only! "Within two years he goes into darkness!"

When did the Church begin?

Make Sure of All Things, p. 364 and Reconciliation, p. 115-116; Christ's kingdom not fully established in AD 33. The church is not the kingdom.

With some research we can see that the church is the kingdom and it was established

The Godhead

Reconciliation, p. 100-101; There is no godhead consisting or composed of three persons.

The New Testament has many passages referring the Godhead consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

God and the Son are One.

Jesus is worshiped on earth, but not good men

Reconciliation, page 111 "In truth, when Jesus was on earth He was a perfect man, nothing more and nothing less."

According the the bible Jesus was the Son of God and much more than a perfect man.

Jesus accepts worship as God, but not good men.

Was Jesus Christ body resurrected?

Deliverance, p. 170 and The Time Is At Hand, p. 129; Jesus' body not raised but preserved somewhere or dissolved into gases.

These passages below clearly go against the Jehovah Witness statement above.

Arguments the Jehovah Witnesses will use

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